Craft Babe

Friday, June 16, 2006

Big Ball of Yarn

My Birthday Present from my coworkers! This is a 3 foot ball of yarn wrapped around a small beach ball. Four skeins of yarn have already been removed at this point. They spent a week of lunch hours and after work time (while I was on vacation) preparing this surprise. It was great, and it bounces, too. What a fun group of people!

I may have to make a bunch of scarves for office Christmas presents!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Current projects

Here are some of my finished objects:

I have a purse project on the needles--it's fairly small and I'm making it with denim silk--in blue of course. It's my commuter project. I knit while I'm on the bus. Very relaxing and I don't have to talk to anyone. This purse will need a lining--not my favorite thing to do. I havn't decided what to use as a lining. It's more than half done, but I need to add a new ball, which is still yet to be wound from a skein into a ball. How's that for a run-on sentence?
Denim silk knit purse in progress

I got my ebay purchases of several pair of circular knitting needles in different sizes and two pounds of long leaf pine needles. The pine needles are for my gourd baskets. They are still green and smell heavenly.

I'm very excited about the dyeorama swap. I have my person, my yarn and some dye--can't wait to get started.

Super work news: co-worker from hell had her last day today! yippee!!

Not so good: there were only two of us in my department, so we're at half staff and it's all me.

We found a morel mushroom back by the shed, I don't like them, but hubby was pretty happy.

That's all the news, hubby has been showing me how to post pictures and my brain is full.

ciao for now!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Post number 1

This is my first crafting post. The current obsession is knitting. I've been knitting a couple of years, now. Aided and abetted by Teri P., I'll post her buttons and sites later. This is just a quick note to get things started. I started with scarves, tried a few inches of sweater, one pair of fuzzy feet, one inch of socks (still on the needles--haven't given up yet) and now I'm stuck on purses (felted and not) (mostle felted because I hate linings) . I have 2 kids, a hubby and a dog.

That's all for now-